Germany Through the Eyes of Favorite Seattle Style Blogger, Brittany from Pumps & Plaid

There are many fun things about my job. Clearly one of them is getting to pursue my passion for travel which also helps me keep up this little travel blog here. Another is meeting creative and inspiring people around the world and, in this case, getting to collaborate with some along the way.

Earlier this month one of Seattle’s favorite style and lifestyle bloggers, Brittany Streissguth of Pumps & Plaid, did a post featuring my shop and entrepreneurial story. Prior to the interview I already admired her sense of style and the splash that her one year old blog has quickly created on Seattle’s fashion scene (Seattle Refined named her one of their 10 favorite Seattle bloggers to follow on Instagram), so it was icing on the cake to learn that under all that stylish plaid she also had my same wanderlust spirit.

Brittany was generous enough to share her last visit to Germany with us here!  Get lost in her discoveries of a country that quickly inspired her. And if you are like me, I think you will find some of her ensembles as fun to look at as the architecture and country side she also features.


Last fall two of my best friends and I went to visit our friend from college who moved to Germany. I had been to other parts of Europe, and figured I’d get to Germany eventually, but it wasn’t high on my list for whatever reason. I thought if I don’t get there in my lifetime, it wouldn’t be the worst thing. And boy was I pleasantly surprised.  We started in Munich, took the train down to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where my friend was living for the year, then rented a car and drove to Berlin (with a quick stopover in Prague), and then back to Munich.

Each place we visited was so different; I can’t even pick a favorite. Munich really felt like Germany. I could’ve spent so much more time there taking tour after tour learning about the architecture and happenings in that beautiful city.

Rathaus (Town Hall) in Munich – we came up from the train station in the middle of Marienplatz and this building hit us right in the face.

Garmisch is exactly what you picture when you think of German countryside, or at least what I did. Green pastures with sheep scattered throughout, little Bavarian houses, and those Alps. Wow. The mountains are so close you feel like you can reach out and touch them.

The Alps right outside our hotel window in Garmisch.

Berlin is so full of life. I could spend a whole week there just shopping, going to different bars and restaurants. And the history in Berlin is some of the most interesting to me. History was never my strong suit in school, but I always loved learning about WWI & II, and Germany’s story throughout that time.

 Just one of the incredible buildings of Berlin.

 If you’re like me and didn’t think you’d find a lot to love about Germany, I hope this changes at least something in your mind. Germany is a beautiful country with such a rich history. There is something for everybody and I highly recommend a trip.

More pics and descriptions by Brittany that will get you planning your next trip to Germany!

More Munich

In awe of one of the towers in Rathaus.


German beer is of course a must. Some might argue Hofbrauhaus is a little touristy, but if you’re going to act like a tourist, a beer hall is the place to do it.


I thought Seattle had coffee shops down, but places like this were around every corner. And Germans might have some of the best breakfast in Europe.


You can’t go wrong with any church you walk into in Europe, and Germany is no exception. It was my two friends’ first time in Europe and their jaws dropped when we walked into this one.

More Garmisch: 



A day trip to Innsbruck, Austria is only an hour or two away, and it’s one of the cutest towns I’ve ever seen (much like Salzburg). Worth a trip if you’re in the south.


Shopping of course. I think we went back to this German designer a few times for multiple purchases.


My uniform on the trip. Comfort is key.


A hike just outside of town.

More Berlin:

If I can recommend you do anything in Berlin, it’s take a bike tour through the city! You get a cliff notes version of the history of the city, and you get to see almost every corner of it, with a stop for lunch and beer in a park.


The East Gallery of the Berlin Wall. There are pieces of it all throughout the city, but it’s argued that this section has the best artwork.

*Photos courtesy of Pumps & Plaid*

Thanks so much, Brittany!


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